jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2010

My UChile English learning exerience.

How was my UChile English learning exprience? It was good !
I most enjoy the blog, I like do it, and I thing besides It is a space where you can put on practice your English, It is a space where you can show your opinion about different things, It is a way to express yourself.

The most interesting for me, was talk with other people, generally It is to difficult for me, in the school, I had good marks because we had written test and rehearsed dialogues, so It was not difficult for me learn by heart the dialogues. But in holidays, when I meet people for other countries, talking English with them was difficult for me. Now in this class I had to talk with my friends and it wasn’t too difficult, I thing that if I know and American people know I could talk with him, and have a good conversation.
Make little written test on Wednesdays was so boring, It is difficult for me, I never have good all the answers and I really don’t like it.
But, the most difficult activity for my, was some listening, there were some ones too fast for me, and I listened two times and I didn’t understood it!
But, It was a good experience, I think it help to me to think in English, and don’t have to thing in Spanish and then translate it in my mind, to talk then. I just think in English and I speak it :D .

jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

Pipe ! :D

I think my favorite classmate’s blogs is the Pipe’s blog. He isn’t in our English class, because he had to take other class (Climatology) and the class times clashed. But I like to read it. I knew Felipe since the school, we were classmate, but we were not friends. Even I didn’t know he was thinking study geography, like me. For me, he is a mysterious person, despite the years I fell I don’t know him, but I fell to, that we have some things in common. I like his blog because it reflects that things, and show little things about Felipe that nobody know.
Pipe’s blog is green (my favorite color) and has very nice imagines. It is simple, doesn’t have too many “ornaments”. Besides I like his post, but example his post “La Ley (invisible)”, “Pichanga con los amigos” and “Osea Hello”.
In Pipe’s blog I read something that trilled me, his favor holidays. For him it was our student’s trip and I share with him. It was so good, unforgettable for me. Sometimes I forget it and in every moment I saw a picture or I listen a song and I remember that with emotion and nostalgic, that happen to me when I read that post.
To improve Pipe’s blog I wouldn’t do anything, I just would like that He keep writing, because I thing he show his personality in his posts and he is a interesting person, he should show more oh him to the others people. He is funny, intelligent and a good person, but he is a little mysterious person.

miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

The Catch !

My favorite game is The Catch. It was about two teams, usually one of girls and one of boys.

Boys have to catch the girls taking them to a shelter, but in every moment, a free girl (no catching) could go to the shelter, touch a wall and scream “FREE!”, when it happens, all girls who had been caught are free again, and they can run to be caught again. It is like an infinite game, because when you think that you are fining, you are clueless and come somebody for the other team and free all the people who you team caught.
It is a group game, so usually I played with my class; we used to play this game every day, without weekend, because we played all breaks. It was so funny and adrenaline, because habitual the boy who caught you, was the boy who you like ♥ , and vice versa.
I like so much this game that I would like to play it again. I don’t like run for run, without a purpose, so run because somebody is chasing you is so funny ! And more funny if that person is the boy who you like !
Besides it is a game that you have to play in the street or in a big place, I like that, I never liked play games in my house, like videogames, It boring and if you are all day playing that, sit, you will be fat! So I am in favor to outdoors games, I think that children are healthier , more intelligent and after, they have more abilities for communicate with others people.

jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2010

Alberto Hurtado

Alberto Hurtado, he was born in 1901 in Cruchaga, Viña del Mar. In 1905 his dad’s death had

problematic consequences: some lands were sold so cheap, it was an injustice. Alberto Hurtado was to be a priest, but It was so expensive and he and his mom was broke, so Alberto decided study law, with that recover his lands and give the money to her mom. Then when it was done he got in to the seminary and he archived what he wanted, be a priest.
Since that, he did very good things. He went out in the nights to give food and blankets to poor people how live in the street, then he built the “Christ’s Home”, It is a house where vagrants and beggars can eat something and sleep there for the night. Between other good things.
It was deed so important, because he left everything to do right actions, first he studied to get money and keep god his mom, then he left that, being able to get much more money with his career. Hi decided to dedicate his life to poor people, there are very few people in the world how do it, how left everything to give all what they can for the needy people. For there is born the characteristic phrase of Alberto Hurtado: “DAR HASTA QUE DUELA”.
If I could know him, If I could ask something him… I would ask him: Who did you do it? Who did you decide to dedicate your life to poor people ?

independent of the religion, he was a good person, whether or not done by God, he did it, and I don't know anyone who do it again.

jueves, 21 de octubre de 2010


He is PAUL WALKER !! He is so cute !!
Since I was a child I like cars, my father got me use to wacht formula one, rally and those tipe of things. Then, in 2001 was premired the movie “The Fats and The Furious”so how I like cars I went to watsh it, this time i saw his for firts time and… I love him !  I would to meet him because he is so beautiful, so sexy and so good driver !
I would to talk with him about love ! I would like to be her wife hahaha !... But that is imposssible, He already love other woman and besides he is older thar me L .
Seriusly I would like to talk with him about her carrer, his life, how is to be fomous and principaly how did he dicede to be an actor, because I read in an article that he wanted to be marine biologist and besides he has studied nursing, so how did he finish being an actor ?
Years later He made others movies, like “Into the Blue” and He completed the saga of “The Fats and The Furious”. I think that besides he is cute, beutiful and nie, he is a good actor and about all he  is a very good person. Why I thought that ? Because for the earthquake that shook out country on Fabruary 27 He came to help ! He traveled to Constitución and worked like volunteer nurse, He was the only actor to do this.
That is the reason beacuase i love him, he has everything! Hi is intelligent, good ator, beatiful, good person but… he has a girlfriend.. . hahaha.
Good Bye !  


jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

You should know it !

English? I love english, inclusive in one part of my life I thought to be an english teacher, but in this country be a teacher in most cases is bad poorly, besides I think that in some cases people simply don’t have skills to learn something. I have a friend how lived in New Zeeland, when she was 5 years old she came to live in Chile, she spoke english, but when she found with a spanish world, with a world that did not understand her, she simply blocked herself, she began to learn spanish  and forget english completely. Now she can not learn english again, she can not understand.  Sometimes when I tried to teach her, it was impossible and I could understand why if it was so easy for me, it was so difficult for her. But people are different and have different skills.
There are things that we dream about doing, by example, for my, go to study a foreign, I think that it is not difficult, you just have to do all the paperwork, you just have to decide and take the initiative, but don’t forget that a primordial part of this is the language, if you go France you should know french, if you go to germany you should know german, etc. But english, now is the global language, you should know it!
For my career English is so important! Why? Because Geography consists in study the superficies of the world, so we, geographer should travel around the world, knowing all the different phenomena in all their different locations.  
But, even you are not a geographer. If you want to travel around the world you should know English to!

miércoles, 6 de octubre de 2010

Shopping? No thanks

Usually I did not have a favorite shop, but I prefer buy clothes in “Bandera” than in Falabella or in others big shops, the clothes there are so expensive, are not good quality and probably if you buy there, in a few days you will look somebody dress the same like you.
In Bandera you can find second-hand clothes, good quality, so cheap, nice and you aren’t going to find someone in the street dress like you.
I remember that the first time when I go to Bandera was about five years ago, when my friends and me did “La Cimarra”, i.e. we did not go to the school (without our parents know) and we went to many places and we spent a nice time.

Actually I don’t like shop clothes, I only do it when is too necessary, in fact, the last time when I bought clothes was in winter, I bought some sweaters. I hate having to remove and put on clothes again and again, it is so tedious and if I buy something expensive I feel guilty, there are a lot of people how don’t have enough money to eat! So I can’t buy a shirt that cost $10.000. 

Besides Bandera, I like shop in the street and in craft fairs, I love bought jewelries, like earrings, rings, etc. I bought those things every time that I am walking in the street and I have money. Besides I like make this type of   craft things so I love go to “Victoria” and bought different color thread, little ornaments, etc.
In conclusion I could say that I love bought little things and in cheaper shops, it is original and convenient.